August 8, 2017

Bend, I missed you

Andrew had to work in Bend last week and I got to tag along. If you haven't heard of Bend before it's a beautiful town in Central Oregon where it rains less, but sure snows a lot in winter. :) My favorite part about Bend is being able to go to the Smith Rock State Park. It's probably best known for its rock climbing- the tuff and basalt cliffs of Smith Rock are perfect for climbers of any skill level and style. Today, there are about 1800 different climbing routes on the rock, ranging from beginner-level to cutting-edge, so it's always fun to watch climbers tackling some of the more challenging courses.  

This week we got lucky to come to Bend during the first Friday - when local galleries open their doors and artists set up working spaces outside for everyone's entertainment. And every time I visit I catch myself thinking about how fun it would be to live there. If only the ocean were closer! Maybe one day we get our own airplane so trips to the coast and to Russia wouldn't be a problem. We'll see ;)

April 11, 2017

New York is

New York. New York is so many things. To people outside of the US it is the symbol of everything American. To me, New York is the first city that introduced me to my first ever peanut butter sandwich, to my first ever experience of seeing squirrels on the city streets, and my first ever time hearing "Welcome to the United States of America". These snaps are back from December when I got to go to a conference and explore this city during the busiest season (thanks to Home Alone) - however, this time not just by myself, but with my partner in crime.