September 29, 2013

City Food Market

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Yesterday was turned out to be an amazing day for me as I managed to fit into it as much as possible. And despite the bad weather with lots of rain I was in a great mood for a number of reasons. 
Moscow has become a lot better social place for the last few years. This summer the city was hosting hundreds of different events and one of them was the city food market where different restaurants and internet projects merge into one big street market where you can buy different goodies, try samples and enjoy the company of talented people. My friends know that I'm an absolute food lover and an event like this is something I'd go to every week if I had a chance. So this one took place near the Patriarshiye ponds - a picturesque area downtown Moscow.  So now you guys can look through these pictures and get the idea of what kind of things people have to offer in this currently changing gastronomic Moscow world.

And a little addition- you don't have to be a registered restaurant to take part in this "fest". It can be anyone, who has a dream of starting a food project and has something interesting to offer. I love cooking and I've always wanted to have my own cafe, so this market made me come up with some idea...we'll see :)

These cupcakes are made with natural ingredients and fruits. The owner Sasha decorates them with fresh season berries. My absolute favourite is blueberry and I'd advise everyone to order some cupcakes from them - the restaurant is called Mon petit ami.

Of course I purchased some natural honey from "Clever honey". It's a start up project - - where guys are selling products from different parts of the country. I'm definitely going to warm up with some tea with honey when the snow starts so my choice was the one from the Sochi national park. They deliver around Moscow so if you are currently here stop by their website.

September 27, 2013

website and other updates

The temperature has dropped down to almost 3 degrees which was very helpful, as I can stay home in the evenings and work on editing my photos. To be honest, there is a lot of stuff that I've wanted to change and one of them was my website and here we go, the new design is below. The feedback is highly appreciated. Also I'm opened to different collaborations and ideas so if you have in mind how we can work together please drop me an email on

This weekend is going to be pretty busy for me, including another interesting photoshoot, food street market where I'll be trying a crab chowder for the first time and many many other delicious things. If you are currently in Moscow and haven't heard of it before check out this page

Anyway, have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beauty of the season before winter comes along

September 21, 2013

equals two

Rita and Ilya. Basically these two didn't have a first date. He just took her for a trip for 21 days and that's how they fell in love :) Very pretty simple story. Now they've been happy together for almost 4 years where they've been travelling the world when they can, building up their carrers and falling in love even more. Their advice is "Don’t stop being silly with one another…ever. Laughter is so much important!"  And you can tell that from the pictures below. 

September 16, 2013

travel diary

i used to plan ahead all the things in my life. i don't anymore. i realized that it's just the illusion of feeling safe about the future. and the best part of it that the unpredictable things turn out to be the most amazing. i didn't plan this trip way ahead. it kind of just happened. and you can tell from my happy face that 18 hours of flight are definitely worth all of it. 

all the pictures here are taken and edited on my iPhone 

northwest, September, 2013

September 9, 2013


there are just some people who you don't see for years but once you met up again it doesn't feel awkward at all. We went to the same class in high school with Zarina and even it's been more than 5 years since I saw her last time I had an amazing time doing this shoot with her. It probably felt a little more like an interview to her as I had so many questions to catch up on -too bad I haven't written them down, as Zarina has some interesting life-stories to share.

I just came back from the states after visiting my favorite northwest - it feels foreign to me being in Moscow again but I'm incredibly happy for what is awaiting me in the future. There are so many pictures I need to go through and as I'm sleepless at 4:30 am it might be a great time to do this now, but I don't want to do that yet, when the memories are so fresh to close my eyes and still be there.