March 26, 2015

Bits and Updates

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know, that at certain times I like to take a little break from it. As I've been doing it genuinely from love and because I wanted to share some bits of my life with family and friends, I find that sometimes you need to set yourself apart from it for a while to rediscover your passion and letting people miss you for some time. :)

As winter was here, there were not so many daylight events were going on, but we were still trying to take as much of it as we could:

We saw the snow on Mt. Hood, which was spectacular. 

We went to the coast on the warmest day of the winter in my entire life (almost 70 degrees?). 

We enjoyed recently-discovered all the 7 seasons of Parks and Recreations. We also agreed that we want Leslie Knope to be our friend.

We ate waffles for our anniversary day in Seattle. 

And many many others. So not so bad, considering that we both've been busy with our careers, personal goals and building future plans. Which I'm very excited about, as many things are heading our way. 

One of which is that just in two months I'm going to finally make a trip to my homeland - Mother Russia! I'll get to see my fellow-comrades, drink lots of vodka, wear ushanka and ride my bear.  And if you get to be my friend, I might consider you take a ride with me.