September 22, 2014

what to expect when you're expecting

Definitely expect lots of attention and have your pictures taken. 

I haven't had this beautiful experience myself yet, but looking at this gorgeous soon-mama-to-be Marina McAvoy, I feel that every pregranat lady would want to look like her. 

I believe it's important to take pregnancy pictures, because it will help you remember.  It is so wonderful to be able to capture those precious moments by documenting – and celebrating – your big, beautiful belly and how it will change your life forever. Don't underestimate this opportunity. 

September 8, 2014

Kristina & Jason

I think that wedding day is not just the best way to celebrate your love and start of the family, but also an excuse to have all your favorite people in one place. And when all these people also have amazing personalities it turns into a great party, like this one. What an fantastic day it was!

Kristina Manley and Jason Perrizo
Location: Salem, OR
August, 2014

September 6, 2014

thoughts and bits

So, here we are - September 2014. Usually back in Russia this was the time when I'd start getting sad as days would be getting colder and grayer which meant only one thing - five months of snow is just around the corner. As much as I loved winter for the white fairytale full of hot teas, mulled wine and ice-skating, it felt like an eternity.

Luckily now I live in Oregon, where during winter I can get as much rain as I want and go up to the mountains for snow on the same day. Gotta get a new raincoat as here, apparently, umbrella is an embarrassing thing.

One of the news I have is that I launched a new website for my photography, which you can find here - I think it became cleaner and simple to navigate. I'll appreciate some feedback on the website and if you like it - certainly share the link with your friends!

My Summer 2014 started quietly and rushed by towards the end due to so many new opportunities that came along. What a wonderful season! And as a reward, tomorrow is coming someone who's been dearly missed for more than 7 months already. Someone who I can't imagine my life without at any second. My mentor and my inspiration. My mom.

It's interesting that I have such close relationship with my mom. They say that parents always judge you but with my mom I've always had a feeling that I can say anything or do anything and she will always support me.  Because of her trust (even if I let her down at first- by all means, I wasn't a perfect child) I learnt how to make a right decision. That's why we have this kind of connection.