August 24, 2013


Not all weddings are big or boisterous.  Some are small and reserved.  All deserve beautiful wedding photographs, and my session (pre-elopement) with Katya and Den could not have been more perfect.  We had the wonderful day outside of Moscow, lighting and weather-wise, as well as the setting.  And then I had the pleasure of photographing these two amazing people with a great sense of humor.

I’m very passionate about photography and as I’m learning more and more every day I become confident. I have to give my clients credit for allowing me to be free & creative. Without them, I’d be just a girl, with a camera.

August 17, 2013

teenage dreams

Being a teenager is quite hard, especially when you are about to turn 15. Here after the 9th grade you have to decide who you want to be in order to get ready for university. Katia has one more year to go, yet she already feels the pressure. And meanwhile she is in falling into this memorable part of her life with the first ups and downs, first big decisions, and the first love. 

August 1, 2013

travel diary - iphone only

Life has been peaceful since coming home, even amongst all the busyness.

My mom and I did this amazing cruise trip a couple of weeks ago. You can imagine- I've been taking as many pictures as possible, but I don't know if I'll be able to post pictures from my 5mark II soon, so I've decided to put these photos here. Some of them you can remember from my instagram stream.

When we arrived in Venice it was a night time so we started our adventure the next day, waking up to the Italian cleaner singing out loud "Oh Sole Mio" at 7am right outside of our room. We immediately got into this mood and as soon as I went out on the street I wanted to start singing myself- this is how beautiful everything was. We got lost for over an hour, walking on the tiny streets trying to find the best pasta place in the town. We tiredly argued over directions. when we did eventually find our way to it, things became a lot brighter again.

That evening we went on a cruise trip, during which we've visited Croatia and Greece. Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city and I wish I could come back again soon to explore a little more. My camera clicked endlessly at everything I saw and I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I am.
The best part of the trip was the opportunity to be able to explore a tiny part of this world with my incredible mom, who isn't just a wonderful travel buddy, but also a great listener. She was amazed by all the beauty the same way as I was and I felt happy sharing my emotions and thoughts with her.

I love how you can just hop on a train in europe and a few hours later you are in a completely different city. When our ship came back to Venice after a week of traveling we took a train straight to Rome. We had two days to see everything we could.

Beautiful Rome.  The streets were packed with people around the main sights. We walked all the way from the Trevi fountain to the Coliseum, enjoying the gorgeous views, meanwhile trying not to get hit by a scooter (drivers are a little insane). After the long walk the buses were no longer going so we got gelato and decided to walk back to our hotel, which was right on the Via Nazional - one of the main shopping streets. 

Life has been peaceful since coming home, even amongst all the busyness. Being busy with work and photography I’ve realised how precious time is. I feel that in ways I’ve been more creative and productive than ever, because my free time is so fleeting. And I'm enjoying it with all my heart, anticipating even better times to come!

All the pictures are taking and edited with my Iphone 5.