February 18, 2015

Who is your best friend?

Watching someone's relationship with their dog is always mesmerizing. I love noticing, how dog characters truly resemble their owners. Sort of like personal mirror. Like little shades. 
Howie and Amy have it. This kind of true friendship, where you know, that they'd have each other's back. This is very touching and, as Howie's getting older, it was important to capture their memories together. And it reminded me again of why I want to have a dog so much. 

February 2, 2015

Baby Luke

Frankly I don't often do this kind of shoots. Not that I'm opposed to them, but just I feel that there are other photographers who specialist in family portraits, who just simply have a better eye for it, with prepared backdrops and special outfits.

But in this case Amanda was looking for natural pictures of their moments together. I couldn't help but to look forward to spending some time with them taking photos of some special memories that they will cherish in the future.

Luke is just 2 weeks old here. Welcome to this world, little man!