June 28, 2012

She and her dress

Everything in my life has changed very much after I came back from the states. I graduated, got a great job which I love, found some new amazing friends and fell in love. With new pair of shoes I just purchased. But one of the most amazing news to share is that Arina's got married to Nick a couple of months ago. We got lucky to catch up when she came back to Russia for her graduation and to arrange her Russian wedding. And meanwhile we've done this photoshoot which I love.

P.S. Going to the states today. :) !

June 23, 2012

Graduation 2012

Not a student anymore. Sounds a bit weird. I've been studying for 17 years and now I can't imagine what it is like not to go to school in September and not to be scared by the upcoming exams.  I'm happy to be with a degree and free to choose my own path, but I was proud to be a student and I'm sure that I'll get back there soon. And now it's time to enjoy my summer.

P.S. My mom is the person who's been supporting me during my whole life, even when I had some troubles in high school. I don't know what I'd do without her and I was extremely proud and happy to have her at my graduation ceremony yesterday.

I will miss my linguists :)

My dearest mom

I didn't say goodbye.

June 16, 2012

What makes us girls

1. I've passed all my exams
2. I've got excellent marks so next week I'm getting my diploma with honors
3. I'm happy! :)
4. Here are the pictures I promised to share. Vika modelling, Rita assisting, Sonya photographing. 


June 9, 2012

Писать блог по-русски?

I have been debating with myself on if I should keep blogging in English or get back to Russian. I can't decide. The only thing I know is that in Russian I'd probably get more pleasure of writing, but English helps me to share my thoughts with people from the other side of the world...hm, anyway, here are some new film pictures from the last couple of weeks. I didn't expect myself to make friends with a film camera so fast, but it turns out we get along pretty well. Most of the photos here were taken in Tula, my hometown. And now I'm going to get some pistachio ice-cream to celebrate my Saturday.

June 3, 2012


Just very happy. Happy to look forward to my graduation, which is in 3 weeks, happy to know that I'll be on an airplane soon again, happy to become twenty one in twenty one days, happy to share my Sunday with my family and happy to be able to do what I love doing. Every single day. Каждый день.