July 30, 2012

Explore the Oregon coast

Little dorky

Would you miss a chance to spend the whole day near the Pacific Ocean? Landscapes along Oregon's 363 miles of shoreline range from towering sand dunes, to low-lying estuaries, to basalt headlands crowned by evergreen forests. It's incredibly beautiful so even we spent the whole Sunday there, we had to come back a couple days later. But I will tell about it in the other blog post, so here is just chilly Sunday mostly in Lincoln city. Enjoy the pictures while I'm enjoying the memories.

Perfect snack

July 23, 2012


Tiny little Seattle
So here is the thing. Traveling means different things to different people. New experience, new places, just being bored, pursuit of happiness, etc. But my traveling is exactly about people. They help me to get away from the routine and help me to change my habits and thoughts. They improve my language and increase my knowledge about the world. And most importantly they help me to realize that this word is incredible. And you don't even imagine how much.

Remember I was telling about Andrew coming to Moscow in January? - (click here).
 This time I got to see where he grew up, see the most beautiful fireworks on the beach I've ever seen,  waterfalls, lakes, rivers, sand rocks, mountains, snow and etc. etc. etc. Ten days in Oregon and then a week in Seattle with Masha and Anton.  I'll be posting separate blogposts about my trip and from this one you could just get the idea of what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks + I wanna tell a little more about my first day there.

P.S. should I mention that I want to go back?

there will be another blog post about the 4th of July. 

So ss I've said, my first morning I woke up in Salem, Oregon. And who would want to wake up in America without a real American breakfast to start a perfect rainy day? 

And after that we put our raincoats on and went to see the Silver Creek Waterfalls. I don't think there should be said much, but people usually don't think of waterfalls and moss when America comes into their head, therefore it made me even more excited for Oregon. And for those who didn't know that about me - I love rain. So when you take amazing nature, bright green colors, amazingly fresh air and add rain to all that you get the most cool Saturday you can think of.

And more to come ;)