August 27, 2014

lost in the woods

With every day I'm getting more and more settled in here, in my new home. With all this beauty around me it's still hard to believe that this is home. It all still feels like a getaway, vacation, and my mind doesn't comprehend that it's not temporary anymore. 

I'm grateful for Internet to be able to meet amazing people, such as this beauty, Nataliya. Born in Ukraine, she's been living in the states the most part of her life. She has a beautiful soul and a wonderful personality. She picked me up and we drove to explore the Gorge's sacred beauty, got lost on the way, and ended up at this beautiful waterfalls. It was incredible fun running around and laughing and shooting. I felt disheartened before and this reminded me of why I loved shooting so much to begin with. 

August 20, 2014

M&D wedding

The last month has been quite hectic with lots of work and amazing opportunities. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is meeting so many interesting people and sharing their memories.  In July I was invited to be a part of a wedding of Malesha and Dewayne, who were celebrating their special day in the small group of their closest friends and family.

It was a wonderful event, full of happy tears, joy and laughter.