October 17, 2011

Uncle S.A.M.

 Ok. I know that the worst idea would give up this blog but! I just had so many things going on and I didn't wanna miss any single day of my "Seattlian" life so I just stopped writing.
But. I got back home and now while I'm trying to get used to my "after america" life, I've got more time to post what I've been through.
So now I will be trying to put more on here so everybody could see the pics and fall in love with Seattle as I did.
I've got lots of messages about where you could find the New York pictures. They are in my other "old" blog - the-philosophia.blogspot.com

So this coming post is about S.A.M.
Seattle Art Museum

I hope things are going well with you, aren't they?

Here're just a few pictures of what I liked the most of all, but I bet if you came there yourself, you would like smth else.