May 28, 2012

Oh "Shoot"!

I've been always passionate about photography and my what I truly like is but since my last year trip to America I stopped doing photoshoots. But this is what I've been missing, so after my graduation I'll get back into that kind of a routine. *wink*.

Portrait photography is not that simple as it looks. A portrait photographer must develop an eye for good exposure. Photographing people requires a good attitude, the ability to adapt, and a LOT of patience. Also he should be able to recite the rules of photography like ISO, aperture, shutter speed and use more of the camera than its Auto function. And I just like how through a portrait photography you can show a personality. I'm working on this skill now. 

This week we went to a very nice studio not far away from the downtown, where we even got to eat candies and delicious cookies, (which made Rita very happy), but I want show pictures from that photoshoot a bit later. Now I'm sharing some photos I've taken in the Neskuchniy garden two weeks ago of beautiful Natasha. She is such a lovely girl, it was a great pleasure to "shoot" her, but it was too hot so we got tired a bit earlier than we expected. Moscow heat can be cruel sometimes. :)


  1. I agree with you about portrait photography, but you are luckier than rest of the world. You are beautiful Russian girl and live in Russia , cradle of the most beautiful girls of the world.What should i do, live in Seatlle as a Turkish man among avarage and mostly obess american girls, snob and not friendly. I had many Russian girlfriend, i met many of them on holiday in Antalya , Marmaris. I can say only, Russians are the most friendly, warm blood and great people and beautiful of course. Exhibit A is you.
    Beauty is not the main point for portrait but the beautiful photo with beautiful models looks better...with right exposure, aperture and sspeed.
    Anyway beautiful photographer, im really happy to see you back in your blog.Pls share more photos, we missed you.

  2. Соня, то, что ты делашь, красиво и талантливо. Жду твоего выхода на профессиональный уровень, потому ч таланту пропадать нельзя:)