August 15, 2012

Out and about Polina

Recently I've been feeling a bit weird, like something is going wrong but I can't tell what exactly. Maybe it has to do with the weather or probably just one of those times when only some little things make me excited. But there are two little girls in my life who always make my days. 
Two weeks ago my nieces came to visit me so we decided to go outside and play a little bit. After a while I realised that those pictures would make a whole photoshoot and I'm very grateful that my nieces are always up to something like that. I learned how to skateboard a little and didn't hurt myself, so we had lots of fun a enjoyed sunshine for the whole afternoon. 

P.S. Polina was chosen this week for a photoshoot in Vogue Kids magazine. Good genes ;)


  1. какие цвета на фотографии..с ума сойти