March 19, 2013

arabic dream

Somewhere along the way this blog stopped being about my photography work and began focusing on my life. It became a diary,  a chronicle of my adventures. I can’t think of any better way to affect people than by being personal and real. But lately my blog doesn’t feel personal or real enough to me. It should have all the color and chaos of a real diary, but it feels like I’m following a formula.
I think that this is the time when I should promise myself and you, my reader, to be purely honest and write as much as I can about my little world that grows big after I travel. As here, from icy Moscow covered in snow to mysterious sunny Dubai my whole opinion about Arabic countries turned upside down. Now I'm tempted to go back and see more as a week is not enough at all to get absorbed in all  the beauty of the city. 
One day me and Dash got lost in Dubai for a couple of hours wondering around different cafes and shops. Life in Dubai is amazing, everything keeps moving and at the same time it seems like the time has stopped. This city can offer everything you want, but...if I live there the only thing I'd be missing a lot is rain. And no matter how weird it sounds I love my summer rainy evenings when I can sit on my window sill watching the sky crying, thinking about life, love, music and stuff.



  1. Твои фотки с пляжа восхительны по цветовой гамме.... Ох

    Когда уже мы с тобой куда-нибудь полетим??

  2. These photos are stunning! Looks like you had a fabulous time, I have always wanted to go to Dubai! xx

    1. Thank you, You really should go! It's an amazing city!