September 6, 2014

thoughts and bits

So, here we are - September 2014. Usually back in Russia this was the time when I'd start getting sad as days would be getting colder and grayer which meant only one thing - five months of snow is just around the corner. As much as I loved winter for the white fairytale full of hot teas, mulled wine and ice-skating, it felt like an eternity.

Luckily now I live in Oregon, where during winter I can get as much rain as I want and go up to the mountains for snow on the same day. Gotta get a new raincoat as here, apparently, umbrella is an embarrassing thing.

One of the news I have is that I launched a new website for my photography, which you can find here - I think it became cleaner and simple to navigate. I'll appreciate some feedback on the website and if you like it - certainly share the link with your friends!

My Summer 2014 started quietly and rushed by towards the end due to so many new opportunities that came along. What a wonderful season! And as a reward, tomorrow is coming someone who's been dearly missed for more than 7 months already. Someone who I can't imagine my life without at any second. My mentor and my inspiration. My mom.

It's interesting that I have such close relationship with my mom. They say that parents always judge you but with my mom I've always had a feeling that I can say anything or do anything and she will always support me.  Because of her trust (even if I let her down at first- by all means, I wasn't a perfect child) I learnt how to make a right decision. That's why we have this kind of connection.

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