December 31, 2011


Today is December,31 which means that the year 2012 is coming soon. Everybody is looking forward to that, some people are obsessed with the idea of the world going to end this year.

My year 2011 has been the best year of all my life so far. The places I've seen,  the things I've lost, the people I've met...I can't believe 2011 is over, so many things have happened, so many things have changed. If smb told me a year ago about all that stuff to happen I'd never believe. Never :).

I wanted to sum up this year by just a few notes but then suddenly I came across some funny and awkward pictures that made me miss that time soooooo much. I love those people who made my year awesome and unforgettable. Thank you and let's do that again :)

I want to travel more next year. And I want to go further. I wish my next year was better than this one. If this happens, 2012 should be incredible.

Speaking of awkward...

There is the short video for some contest about me speaking English and making mistakes and looking funny but If smb can't live without my Russian accent, here it is :) Thaaat's embarrassing..

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today, because it's already tomorrow in Australia.

Maybe Australia in 2012? ;)

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  1. 2012 будет еще лучше!
    и все мечты сбудутся!!