February 5, 2012

Every person is a new door to a different world.

What's the difference between travelling and hosting?

I feel very tired of winter already, and it's usually hard for me to stand such a cold weather, and when I found out my friend from the other side of the world (where right now is +13C I think) decided to come and visit me I was surprised and a little bit afraid. I was afraid that it either would be too cold to show him around, or he just won't like it, or I turn out to be a bad tour guide (well eventually I forgot to show something I wanted to :P). I hope I wasn't that bad and even we were not really prepared for the cold weather we got to ice-skate.

No leaning

The Moscow Metro is one of the most beautiful metro systems in the world and is one of Moscow’s main attractions. Sometimes people prefer using the metro to driving because they get to enjoy the interesting underground architecture. What's really nice is that the metro was supposed to be a bomb shelter, So if something especially extrodinary were to happen, it's safter to use the metro than a car. ;)
And faster. Definitely much faster.

After 17 years of litigation and renovation the Russia's oldest planetarium reopened it's doors. After the show I was amazed. Andrew fell asleep listening to the Russian voice talking about the starts. Well, we both got what we needed that day, didn't we? :).s.


Pushkin museum
To be honest, I'm not a very "museum" person. I love art and I like different exhibitions, but it's hard for me to decide which one is the best. After a while we preferred going to the Pushkin museum to the Tretyakov gallery, but unfortunately all the interesting exhibitions were already closed in there, but we got to enjoy the French Renaissance portraits and the Appolo statue.

The Red square
I hope I don't need to introduce the Red Square. I hope I don't need to explain how fun ice-skating is. What if you put two amazing things together and free tea and chocolate delicious cakes after?
Maybe you want to join...?

Eternal flame

Changing the guard

The Tsar Cannon

And here're a few pictures which Mr. Andrew was very kind to share.

Was it fun for him? It definitely was for me. For some reason I suddenly realised what I miss so much when I'm abroad, and what I like so much about Moscow. It's extremely beautiful and unique, and not so many people in the world get lucky to discover it. And through Andrew's perspective I felt like I was travelling too. Just not so far away.

What's the difference between travelling and hosting? When you travel, you start appreciating the world you haven't seen. When you host, you start appreciating the place where you live.

P.S.  Москва, Кремль, главный каток страны.


  1. Есть даже 3,5 фотографии где он улыбается! ехху!
    Кремль класс!

  2. Thanks! It's very interesting! and I liked you pics a lot! =)))