October 6, 2012

Thoughts and birds

Every day passes by and only today I realised that it's October already. If days keep going so fast Christmas will come sooner than we'd all expect. It's rainy and cold today but for some reason I'm enjoying it at the moment. And even I have hundreds of things planned I'm procrastinating by writing two more blog posts today.
 A month ago I was lucky to take pictures of a very beautiful wedding. And as a part of the entertaining we went to "the Birds Park". I haven't been there before because it is 200 km from Moscow so I was amazed as soon as we got there. For some people it might be even more entertaining than a Zoo and I was probably enjoying it more than anyone else. Because these little creatures turn out to be very good posers :)


  1. На последнем кадре такое красивое размытие

    А птички что надо) Совушки смотрят на Соню:)