October 6, 2012

Summer snow

I probably didn't have enough time to write my stories because I was trying to participate. But there are moments when I just want to share everything what I've seen and experienced. I wish that all the people I love and care about could have been there and seen everything with me. But as much as I like to write I just want to show my pictures so that way my friends would get the whole idea of how happy I was at the moment.
These moments are not stories. This is happening. 

July, 2012

Mount Hood

Milky Way

My favorite coconut latte

Multnomah Falls


  1. Wow, absolutely stunning photos Sonya! I love your blog! xx

  2. Я уже запомнила тапочки Эндрю)
    Какая красивая природа, это невероятно!

    1. Запомнила все :) Осталось еще про Сиэтл написать, а потом будут новые приключения!