November 30, 2012

forever or not

The days slowly get shorter while I take out my sweaters packed away since April. It's snowing today and I'm home alone writing this little story thinking about lots of different things. 

There are 1,001 ways to describe the heady sensation that comes with seeing a place for the first time. It's what gets travel enthusiasts hooked on travel. If it's been a while since you've felt the traveler's high, you're probably long overdue for a real adventure.

So every now and then the life gives me some surprises. Sometimes it's something material, but the greatest things I've got are just about emotions. I love my life for some opportunities I've got and here is one of them.

I was lucky to see Oregon again for the most amazing time of the year, when orange, red, green and grey colours made it incredibly beautiful.  I'll never forget the smell of salty water on the Oregon coast which is always beautiful regardless the season. You can show up just about anywhere in Oregon blindfolded, open your eyes and find something to do in a matter of minutes. And that's what I mostly love about it.

Of course There were little ups and downs during the trip like falling off the tree but the things like first ever s'mores, first scuba dive in the Washington state and first ever Halloween made me entirely happy.

I'm at this point in my life now when I want to try as many new things as I can but also I want to be a little more concerned about the future. It drives me crazy when I don't know what's going next and whether I end up being happy or not. But I've realised that maybe when I don't know future these little things make me even more happy when I receive them. Paradox? 

Let's just stick to something that makes me happy. Even if it's not forever. 

Here are some snapshots of what made me happy this October.

Oregon. Washington. Arizona.


P.S. and some secret memories from my phone.


  1. The pictures are truly breathtaking - there's so much in the world to see! You are a great inspiration Sonya x

  2. Wow! These photos are absolutely stunning!! I am very jealous of some of the beautiful places you have been too, wonderful photographer! xx

  3. Соня, романтичннно как) фотки проникнуты какимто печальным счастьем...

  4. Сонька, фотографии просто волшебные, мне очень нравятся!