September 29, 2013

City Food Market

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Yesterday was turned out to be an amazing day for me as I managed to fit into it as much as possible. And despite the bad weather with lots of rain I was in a great mood for a number of reasons. 
Moscow has become a lot better social place for the last few years. This summer the city was hosting hundreds of different events and one of them was the city food market where different restaurants and internet projects merge into one big street market where you can buy different goodies, try samples and enjoy the company of talented people. My friends know that I'm an absolute food lover and an event like this is something I'd go to every week if I had a chance. So this one took place near the Patriarshiye ponds - a picturesque area downtown Moscow.  So now you guys can look through these pictures and get the idea of what kind of things people have to offer in this currently changing gastronomic Moscow world.

And a little addition- you don't have to be a registered restaurant to take part in this "fest". It can be anyone, who has a dream of starting a food project and has something interesting to offer. I love cooking and I've always wanted to have my own cafe, so this market made me come up with some idea...we'll see :)

These cupcakes are made with natural ingredients and fruits. The owner Sasha decorates them with fresh season berries. My absolute favourite is blueberry and I'd advise everyone to order some cupcakes from them - the restaurant is called Mon petit ami.

Of course I purchased some natural honey from "Clever honey". It's a start up project - - where guys are selling products from different parts of the country. I'm definitely going to warm up with some tea with honey when the snow starts so my choice was the one from the Sochi national park. They deliver around Moscow so if you are currently here stop by their website.

It's wonderful how many positive people you meet at these sort of events. These guys from "Jingle Bagels" definitely know how to promote their products. Bagel with some fresh salmon - yum!

Pie point is already a well known project in Moscow, which is getting more and more recognised. Traditional British pies with meat, fish or vegetables have got really good reviews this year and if you want something nourishing to go this is your choice! They are also one of those rare places in Moscow where you can buy some cider or shandy.

If you want something exotic Georgy will prepare some pies with deer for you!  (it's the literal translation of their name). If you want to try some venison you can only find them here for now, but they promise to open something soon within the next few months). Besides that they makes delicious apples pies and cookies, so I couldn't help but buy some for my mom.

And this is my absolute favourite since I've become a lot more concerned about what I eat and what the food is made of. As I'm an absolute "sweet tooth" it's always difficult to find healthy products which doesn't contain sugar but still tastes the way it should. These guys make this paste with fruits and different natural ingredients using honey instead of sugar. I bought the one with spirulina and I'm actually currently eating it with some tea - perfect combination for the early evening.

This pumpkin soup with coconut milk made by "Souper" project inspired me to make the same one at home - delicious!

Also they accepted cards at the event which is very unusual for the street format - very helpful!

Double B Coffee&Tea guys prepare amazing black coffee. It doesn't need any milk or sugar- it's that good on it's own. And if you ever find yourself near the Patriarshiye ponds forget about Starbucks and check them out! :)

yep, it's a duck

There are so many things to talk about but I featured my absolute favourites. And I must say that even it was rainy and quite cold this is a lot better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than staying at home. I'm happy that I've met so many people and I think that a lot more cities should "adopt" this idea of making a one big market of different restaurants where people can dicover the gastro-world of their town and find a new favorite place to go to in the future.

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