March 29, 2014

when the flowers start to bloom

How can you not fall in love with these gorgeous colors? Back in Moscow it was quite hard to stumble upon something like this, and here it seems that they are everywhere. Does it have to do with the place? Or was I just not looking hard enough? Or maybe I just didn't want to notice? Maybe it wasn't the right time?
 Sometimes when you feel like the things are not going the right way, maybe it's just not the right time for it. And maybe if you wait a little longer, cherry blossoms will happen to be everywhere. 

Amanda and I took a little walk around this park last week. It was so warm and sunny that it almost felt like summer. Kids were running around, playing in the fountain and we were watching the cherry blossom flakes pretending to be like snow.


  1. these are some of the most beautiful pictures ive ever seen! I wish I could do a photo shoot with you someday!!!

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! The pictures are amazing.


  3. I love these photos!
    They're sooo cute!-ps. loving the septum.
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