April 24, 2014

Bend and #partyatthehoffmans

A couple weeks ago when Andrew came home and asked me if I want to go to Bend, I didn't have to think for a second. It's located in the gorgeous central Oregon where we could also visit Amanda and her beloved husband Zac. We got very lucky with the weather; it was sunny the whole time we were there so we decided to take advantage of it and do a couple hikes before going home. Besides that Zac had a birthday the following week so they had their friend's over which also turned out to be a lot of fun, with good food, drinks and great company.

I must say that if you ever get to visit Oregon, Bend is a must see. It's a cool little town with a lot to offer for foodies and explorers. There are so many things you can do nearby, and I myself, can't wait when we go back to Smith Rock to do my first real rock climb.
This time we were taking it easy and didn't do a lot of outdoor stuff, however the Hoffmans still took us on a little morning adventure. We went on a short hike around the Smith rock the next day (I'll post a couple of pictures from it in my next blog post).

Hunter is happy to come along 

I love this little photo arrangement of Amanda's grandparents wedding, personal photos and art. And here is Frank, napping in the middle of the day. 

This is Sunday, the day of the little get together. There is this thing, in the dog world, to get to know each other before being able to trust. It kind of reminds me of Russia, with lots of serious cold faces around, but once they get to know you they are the warmest people you've ever met.

A boy being a boy and a girl being a girl.
It was wonderful to see how siblings can bond together, when at this early age the oldest take care of the youngest. I love children as their free soul's remind me how easy it should be not to take yourself or anyone else too seriously; just stay in the moment and play. I miss the time my nieces were this young and now as they are growing apart from me becoming beautiful young women, and I wish we could go back to them being silly 5 year olds and stay there just a little bit longer. Time is flying.

xx Sonya