May 27, 2014

Hygiene Routine

These blog posts are so popular now which, when you think about it is actually pretty bizarre... I don't know but for some strange reason I am curious about what everyone else does to keep themselves clean!  Also, there's something about the word "routine" that gets my "organized side" very excited. Here I wanted to share a few products which I've liked lately which have become a part of my everyday hygiene. I also didn't really think of the order so please excuse if it's a little bit messed up :)

1. Avalon Organics - Thickening Conditioner

I try not to use as much heat on my hair anymore as I used to - I naturally have VERY curly hair so I've been using a hair straightener for a few years up until the beginning of this year. I realized that my attempts of growing hair failed due to the fact that it's been always damaged so I decided to find something that could "repair" it. Meanwhile I stopped using a hair straightener which helped a TON. And I can definitely say that this conditioner helped a lot for the past few months. 

The only thing is - I use it as a mask as it has a pretty thick consistency and I noticed my hair getting a little greasy if I used it after shampoo. Basically I apply it before shower and leave it for about 20-30 minutes about once a week - my hair started growing faster, got thicker and I don't get splits anymore.

I bought it on - it's not very pricey + they do delivery around the world.

2. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Body Scrub.

I've heard tons of good things about this brand and when I was looking for a scrub I couldn't help but purchase it. First and foremost - it smells amazing. It's gentle and makes my skin super smooth can order it on the internet - like Freeman has a variety of Booth products on their website

3. Burt's Bees Body wash

Everyone knows Burt's Bees these days. I absolutely love their lip balm during winter days. I tend to try a new body wash every time and currently I'm very happy about this one. I tend to take showers in the mornings so this citrusy definitely helps to wake up faster and start a day on a happy note. 

4. Speaking of Burt's Bees - I also purchased their Milk and Honey Body Lotion. It comes in a small bottle so It's good for traveling and it leaves my skin super smooth. The only thing I'd like to suggest is to try and leave it on for a little bit before you put some clothes on. It's probably it's only "con" that it doesn't absorbe immediately, but the result is definitely worth it. 
Nowadays you can find Burt's Bees pretty much anywhere, but I usually get it at Target or at any local pharmacy.

5. And last but not least Avalon Organics Shampoo. In January I started loosing hair - more than usual, due to some stress while moving countries and other things. I really wanted to try something that could help at least to prevent it getting worse and I can't be more happy with this Shampoo. It definitely helped a lot as after about 3 months of using I don't notice hair on my bathroom floor as much. I also took some vitamins which was also one of the reasons my hair got better but they always say to take care of yourself on the inside and on the outside, so this was my "outside" remedy :)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about these producs and maybe something of this can be helpful if you're looking for something new for your "hygiene routine". Please let me know if you've used this products before or if there is something else you want to suggest for me to try. 

xx Sonichka


  1. I think I need to get my hands on that thickening shampoo & conditioner! I didn't even know they made such a thing! I have suuuuuper thin hair and I feel like I shed all the time. It's just getting thinner and thinner! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad you do! They have some great stuff!