June 27, 2014

23, or Rules of Summer 2014

I was born on June, 24th at 10:30am - Moscow time, in Russia. Which makes my official birthday here on June 23rd, at 11:30pm. So now I think I'm allowed to celebrate for two days in a row.

This is a little crazy to think about how my life has changed since my last birthday. The amount of things I've done in the past year is overwhelming. I have got lots of memories, some sad, but definitely lots of happy ones. Here I want to say "Thank you" to people, destiny and universe who made my 22nd year very-very special! <3
As my life changes rapidly every year I'm always afraid to make a "to-do" list, because I'm never sure that I wouldn't fail to keep it up. But this year I decided to look at it from a different perspective:
This is just a way of solidifying some of my summer plans - the things you intend to do, but somehow always manage to slip away, along with the long days and warm nights. I've just put these 23 "rules of summer" 2014 to stay inspired:

1. Visit a pick-your-own-berries farm. Then make this.
2. Take a spontaneous weekend trip someplace I've never been (Like Montana).

3. Go to a drive-in movie theatre - I never have!

4. Rent a sailboat up in Seattle and watch the sunset from there.
5. Go outdoor climbing somewhere around Smith Rock.
6. Attend an outdoor concert
7. Take walks after dinner at least three times a week
8. Spend a day like a tourist in Portland.
9. Purchase my first ever bike
10. Read at least 5 books before the Labor Day
11. Host a Russian dinner get-together
12. Attend a Food Festival
13. Learn more things about coffee.
14. Find something special at someone's yard sale
15. Build sandcastles in Bandon, Oregon
16. Play at the Waterpark up in Seattle
17. Attend my first Baseball game 
18. Create a family recipe book
19. Learn more about film photography
20. Start learning Spanish
21. Speak more Russian with Andrew
22. Tent camping
23. See some more deer