July 15, 2014

Birthday picnic idea

When I was little I was aways sad that my birthday came in the end of June. All the kids throughout the year would bring birthday candy to share with the class on their special day. They'd stand in front of everyone, while everybody sings "Happy Birthday". In Russia kids go on their summer vacation in the end of May, so obviously being a late June baby didn't make me happy then. 
I always wanted to experience that, but not for the birthday song. 
I loved the idea of sharing treats with everyone, so when they enjoy their candy, they think of me.

Nowadays I still love the idea of sharing food. Something that I personally made and put my heart into. 
Here is a little idea for someone who is struggling with a Birthday idea and is on tight budget - throw a Birthday Picnic! 
I prepared little appetizers, like cucumber feta cheese rolls, which are super easy to make. Also ham rolls for meat lovers. Fresh pre-cut vegetables with hummus. Cheese with grapes. Ideas are endless! For desert I made raspberry tiramisu and my mother-in-law made lemon cupcakes.

P.S. if things go wrong:

My plan was to have a picnic at the park, but of course the Oregon weather didn't let that happen and it started raining. So instead of canceling the whole thing we just set it up on our apartment balcony.


  1. These photographs are amazing, you are talented and the food looks fab :D

  2. Wow, looks amazing!
    I am so glad I found your blog, it is lovely!

    X O


  3. wow, photos on your blog are awesome :) I'm from Poland and I'm following you right now :)


  4. Everything looks amazing, I need to take you with me on any of my future picnics!




    1. Thanks Michaela :) You should definitely join ;)