November 18, 2014


Gratitude empowers everything - my mom kept telling me this my whole life but I only recently fully realized what it actually means. Now I'm following her example by writing down in the end of every day five things I'm grateful for that day. And now decided to do the same thing on my blog - not to overload you with things I'll be posting weekly 5 things from the last week that made me happy. Here is what I'm grateful for:

1. Capturing beautiful wedding of amazing people.

2. Attending a Kinfolk magazine K14 launch at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply co.

3. Feeling like home at someone else's home.

4. Seeing Portland all "dressed up". Holiday mood is already in the air and I can't be happier about that.

5. Best food memory from last week was when Andrew surprised me with going to a new Portland Russian restaurant, where I had some of my favorite "Herring under the coat". I decided that ice-cream photo would be a little more appealing to my readers, so here is the little snap from the "Salt and Straw", back when my mom was visiting.

What are your most memorable things from last week? I'd love to hear about what makes you happy :)

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