November 26, 2014


Things can change so rapidly, one day you feel incredibly happy and the next day you might feel completely opposite due to life current changing it's direction. Last week was not one of the happiest, but there were definitely things which I was grateful for, despite everything.
I had a few photos to post, but my Iphone photos got deleted by accident so this post will feel a little empty, but I'm going to make up to it in the next one, filled with lots of pictures which I've been working on recently.

So I'm incredibly grateful for:

1. my family, who stays strong and united even in the darkest times. I love them so much and can't even describe how much I miss them, especially knowing that the holidays are approaching. 

2. my wonderful friends, who prove to be such even when they don't have to.

3. for unbelievably incredible colors nature reveals during this season of autumn - I never thought that I'd ever like this time of the year so much, as I do now.

4. for the opportunity to go out, explore beautiful surrounding of Portland and never get bored of it.

5. it might sound cliché, but marrying your best friend is the way to go. Can't imagine being with anyone else and I'm grateful that this year we will spend our first Thanksgiving together.

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