February 18, 2012

I guess I remember every glance you shot me.

Yesterday (at work :P) I was going through my summer pictures and I came across a few which I haven't noticed before. To collect the favorite pics of mine I had to create a new folder on my mac a long time ago so I could take a look at them every time I need to cheer up and smile. Now  I want to use some of them as the postcards and send to my friends all over the world. Why haven't I some up with this idea before I wonder?

By the way, there is a wonderful iphone app -instagram, which allows me to collect my favorite pic from my phone, and sometimes I like it more then a real camera. It is certainly worth to have an iphone, if take pictures everywhere like I do.

Now, tired of climbing, eating chocolate in my pajamas I'm going to watch a Real rock film tour, which I haven't seen for some reason yet. Oh my lovely saturday.

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