April 4, 2012

Can miles truly separate you from friends.. If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?

Ain't I already there? Wait, hold on. I'm still in cold and wintery Russia, even it's the middle of the spring
everywhere. I'm so ready to wear dresses and summer shoes, take off these annoying winter coats and hats, spend as much time outside as I can and fall in love. With beautiful spring cherry blossoms.

Here is Anton's birthday, August 2011, the best sunset in Seattle I've seen with people who I care about.

Age doesn't matter, right?

I miss this dress! It was a perfect warm summer day to wear it.


mmm guacamole

They both got the presents even it was Anton's birthday.

Lovely couple.

Masha with her mother-in-law <3

Very delicious watermelon salad.

It was the best possible end of that day.

And of course we had some Russian Samovar-made tea. 

See you soon :*

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