April 30, 2012

Go, not knowing where. Bring, not knowing what.

+ Some new instagram pictures.

No matter where you live, you can always find an adventure. New experiences, unknown surroundings, and exciting opportunities are just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of motivation and knowing where to start. This weekend I did horse riding for the first time in my life which was a perfect thing to motivate me for the rest of the week. And as a matter of fact I'd love to ride a horse more often, especially when it's such a nice weather around. I've been taking more pictures with my iphone than my canon camera and but I start missing the real camera where I can express myself a little bit more. But I've got so nice first spring pictures on my iphone so I decided to post them here and they remind me that summer is so soon to let my new adventures to start :)


  1. Glad it's nice and warm in Russia! Coming soon x

    1. Oh it is super nice and warm! Hope to see you soon :*