April 20, 2012


It's been a lovely warm week, a bit windy though, but I must say - I love it without snow. Oh, it's my favorite Moscow during this time of the year. I'm looking forward to taking a bike ride this weekend and I hope in a week we'll go horse-riding with Olya and Jamie. I spent with them last Saturday, coloring eggs for the Easter before I came home and had a nice pre-Easter dinner with my family. We had a lot of fun but next time we'll use watercolors instead of oils. For sure.

And here is me, playing with "instagram"

Hope you all had fun with your families during Easter as much I did.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Sonya! Take care x

    1. Miss you too, not long till I come back though x

  2. Coming back to your post: I've heard that oils/watercolours/acrylic paints may poison easter eggs so it's dangerous to eat them (so be careful next time!). That's why humanity invented food colours suitable for food colouring (they are rubbish though and you can't really draw with them)