October 24, 2014

Friday thought: Importance of a mentor

Today I watched again one of my favorite movies - "the King's Speech". I'm not going to tell the plot as I believe that it's better to watch the trailer yourself to get engaged and possibly watch it soon, as it's quite a remarkable movie. What I will say is that it's about overcoming your fears and achieving something with a help or, if you will, guide from the right teacher.

You have probably noticed, how some person may play a more significant role in your life than a whole year of class you have take from someone else. Someone who doesn't just teach you, but inspires you to learn. Someone who pushes you and drives your potential to it's fullest. Someone, who doesn't just ask you questions, but teaches you, how to find answers on your own. He is not just a teacher. Let's call him a mentor.

There has been less true mentors in my life than fingers on my one hand. All of them have not just put an impact on my learning, but they inspired me to become a better person. I'm writing this because I realized that when these people appeared in my life I didn't acknowledge their input, as much as I do now. And I want to take this moment to appreciate each of them and be grateful.

Take a moment as well and possibly think of all the people in your life without whom you'd end up somewhere else. And as I said, in this post I'm not talking about people who gave you the opportunity, but the people who inspired you to look for this opportunity. To achieve. To strive for greatness. They deserve a big applause and make sure, if these people are still alive, to let them know what they've done for you, as they might not even realize that. Acknowledge them and be grateful.

photo taken in Japanese Garden, Portland

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