October 27, 2014

Two people. one heart. A&J

Being a child I was always exposed to literature and writing as my family was always trying to engage me with reading novels. Having great imagination I eventually started writing my own stories, meanwhile building plans for writing a book one day when I'd get older. For one reason or another during my teenage years I stopped writing. And at 16 years old I was introduced to a camera.

I absolutely enjoy working with couples, and for me there is no greater pleasure than telling a story through my lens, knowing that looking back Ashley and Josh will be able to see how young and in love they were at just the beginning and how they were able to take this on during their live together. And I'm definitely looking forward to the next year, when these two amazing people will unite as one family, and I'll be there to capture their special story.

Ashley and Josh. Portland, OR. 09/2014


  1. Beautiful pictures congratulations to you both

  2. прекрасная пара! красивые снимки!

  3. lovely blog, beautiful pictures:) Best regards from Russia:)